Survey Asset Manager

Kumasi, Liberia

Survey Asset Manager
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A key grid connections business is currently looking to hire an Asset Survey Manager to update the local Electricity Corporation network elements, associated supply infrastructure (Meters, supply cables, etc) and consumer information in Liberia. The role is a contract opportunity due to start in mid August with the view of ending in December. Specifically you will be responsible for the Assets Mapping and Geo-referencing Activity for the local Electricity Corporation assets including the following network elements/entities within the Project Area:

  • Transmission Substations (bus bars, switchyards, bays, voltage transformers, circuit breakers, switchgears, current transformers)
  • Transmission HV Lines (Line sections, towers and switchgears)
  • Distribution Primary Substations (Switchyards, bays, busbars, power transformers, voltage transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear)
  • Distribution MV Lines (Line sections, poles and switchgear)
  • Distribution Secondary Substations (Service transformers)
  • Distribution LV Circuits (Line sections, poles and switchgear)
  • Customer meter points (Manufacturer, Serial Number, Phase, Service Transformer and coordinates)
  • Schematics for Transmission Substations and Primary Distribution Substations
  • Power trading meters, feeder meters, and substation internal usage meters
Key Responsibilities: 

  • Manage the updating of the EC asset register on an appropriate GIS data platform, including information from recently constructed infrastructure;
  • Coordinate the planning process of the countrywide survey and create a detail project plan and resource plan that will be used to plan the deployment of ACMS survey teams
  • Manage the survey teams and their supervisors and the Back office teams that will verify the information captured in the field
  • Familiarise himself with the software and mobile Apps that will be used and manage the correct use of the various systems and software
  • Work with the software vendors that will supply the GIS software and Apps and ensure all of the systems and software have been configured correctly. Test the systems and software and Apps in the field before deploying it with the EC ACMS surveyors
  • Coordinate the training of the various ACMS surveyors and Back office staff
  • Develop a quality measurement framework so that EC can benchmark the quality of data captured
  • Establish an audit team that will complete spot audits to ensure the survey teams are actually capturing the correct data
  • The ACMS manager will attend all of the meetings associated with the project and will be responsible for the reports that will be submitted to MCA-L weekly, monthly
  • Provide a performance measure that will be reported on to the MSC management team so that progress can be measured, and bottlenecks identified

Skills and Qualifications: 

  • A 10 years of experience of working directly with large scale infrastructure asset networks;
  • Strong knowledge of compatible GIS/Relational Database Management systems such as the ESRI range of products or any similar GIS software system;
  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience of working in an international environment and multidisciplinary teams. Experience in Africa will be considered an advantage, especially West Africa;
  • Experience of consulting for international agencies such as the AFDB, World Bank, or bi-laterals in this sector will be an advantage; 
  • Proven experience of working with government at all levels and delivering high quality outputs
  • A Bachelor’s degree in either Engineering, GIS development or land surveying 

The closing date for submitting CVs is Tuesday next week, with interviews due to take place from the end of the week. Therefore if interested please submit your CV to ASAP to avoid missing out!

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